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Randi Shinder – Entrepreneur, Beauty Authority, Brand Builder, Creator

Randi Shinder has remained a leading contributor and disruptor throughout her career in the beauty industry. Randi’s core belief is to deliver products that fill a void in the beauty space. It is this mindset that has guided her entrepreneurial endeavours and has led her to create some of the most groundbreaking beauty brands and products within the beauty world in fragrance and clinical skincare. Randi’s most recent endeavour, SBLA Beauty is a prime example of how she approaches new and exciting disruptor brand launches.

SBLA Beauty was created after Shinder realized that women first age in the neck area. After searching the beauty space for a neck sculpting solution that didn’t involve a surgical procedure. In late 2018, Randi collaborated with celebrity make-up artist Spencer Barnes and transformed the market with the release of the Neck, Chin and Jawline Sculpting Wand. The three-time sell-out product has helped the appearance of more than 200,000 necks world-wide. The initial launch of the one product was an enormous success, generating over 8.3 Million in sales in the first five months of operations. Since SBLA exploded into the digital market, SBLA has grown beyond its signature product. The newest release is the new Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand XL. The formulation works instantly and cumulatively to melt fat, build collagen, regenerate cells, minimize lines and wrinkles and re-sculpt the chin, jawline, neck area.. The company transitioned SBLA Beauty to better showcase its commitment to the science behind the beauty products and its expanding portfolio.

It is this forward thinking and understanding of the market that has led Shinder throughout her career, beginning in affinity and loyalty marketing ventures, launching an affinity card that she groomed for acquisition by one of the largest banks in Canada as well as the first teen loyalty website – Youtopia.com, with Britney Spears as the official ambassador. Randi created virtual shopping sprees that included Justin Timberlake and at the time had the largest webcast event streaming online with Yahoo.com.

Following this early success, she turned her attention to her true passion, the beauty industry. In 2002 she launched the highly lauded CLEAN Perfume, which offered a unique fragrance experience meant to re-create everything that was the epitome of CLEAN from her personal perspective being that “women just want to smell good”. CLEAN became one of the most successful independent fragrance brands and is distributed worldwide. The success of CLEAN and extensive celebrity following led Randi to partner with multi-platinum recording artist, Jessica Simpson, to create the prestige beauty brand, Dessert Beauty, the only multi sensory beauty experience based on scent and flavour. Dessert Beauty was the first brand to exceed $10 Million in sales at Sephora before expanding into worldwide distribution. Two mass market offshoots of Dessert Beauty – Dessert Treats and Sweet Kisses – went into the drugstore beauty world and obtained major national distribution at Walmart.

In 2005, Randi launched the first ever micro-injected collagen lip plumper, LipFusion, under a new sexy and scientific company called Fusion Beauty. LipFusion was an instant success and an anomaly in the beauty industry selling 3.2 million units in the first nine months at Sephora alone, including two sellouts. Fusion Beauty was the first brand to exceed $50Million in sales at Sephora.

Randi then brought both CLEAN Perfume and Fusion Beauty under the umbrella corporation of Fusion Brands Inc., from which she later sold a majority stake in 2006 and later sold her remaining equity in 2009.

In 2014 Randi, along with Sophia Bush and Michael Nyman of BNC-PMK created a new, groundbreaking line of fragrance based on pure extraction and Scent Sphere technology, “I Smell Great”, which empowered women to mix, match, create, reactivate – and to smell, be, feel, and live great.

It’s Shinder’s passion for identifying white space or voids within the beauty industry and developing products that fill those needs that have brought her to her most recent announcement: the addition of beauty icon and entrepreneur Christie Brinkley to the SBLA Beauty team and company brand ambassador. Brinkley will collaborate with Shinder as they work to launch new products in 2021 as well as begin a dialogue with women about aging in the spotlight as well as in general, providing a safe place for dialogue and innovative solutions that are both accessible and incomparable. Randi Shinder’s commitment to empowering women to look their best remains as strong as ever.

At a time when the world is spending more and more time communicating via video from the neck up, she continues to disrupt the beauty space with products designed to provide immediate and long lasting cumulative effects to provide beauty, empowerment and self-confidence for women globally.

Randi has received many industry awards and recognition from her chosen industry and thrives on her entrepreneurial spirit to this day.

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Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements:

Top 40 Under 40 – 2001

WWD Newcomer of the Year – CLEAN Perfume: 2003

CEW Award Product Excellence – Fusion Beauty – 2006

CEW Award Product Excellence – Fusion Beauty – 2007

Fashion Institute Rising Star Award – 2007

Cosmopolitan Magazine Fun Fearless Female Award – 2007

Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award – 2008

Ernst and Young Product Excellence and Marketing National Citation – 2008

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